Professional glass front assembly, worldwide.

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Mea&Ser Montaggi’s staff, already able to assembly glass windows, gained considerable experience in glass front assembly during the years. Glass fronts can be a really good solution, in the meeting of customer's needs in commercial structures, in museums, skyscrapers or ultramodern buildings.


Glass fronts, moreover, can add prestige to some hotel rooms, like the reception hall or the swimming pool room, and private residences’ living rooms. Looking from outside, design impact is remarkable. At the same time, from inside we can appreciate extra light due to large glass fronts.


Mea&Ser Montaggi’s personnel can respond to work requests arriving from all over the world. Glass front assembly is done with precision and accurate attention to details. The specialists are even able to carry out particular on-site tasks, if they seem to be necessary. For further information, please contact Mea&Ser Montaggi.

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Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the company, to request free estimates and professional advice on assembly of steel, glass and aluminium structures, as well as on elements for the set up and fittings for industries, shops, hotels, conference halls and show rooms.

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