Panic door assembly, for hotels, restaurants, hospitals and communities.

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If you need to ask for panic door assembly, you can call on Mea&Ser Montaggi, a company specialized in industrial assembly services. Panic doors are particular doors, equipped with panic bars. These bars allow the push-opening of the same doors. So, in case of fire or other events which make it necessary to escape from the building, people can easily get out.


After being opened, panic doors close themselves automatically, thanks to the presence of self-closing mechanisms, needful to prevent the possible smoke or flame output, from the area.


Fire doors, specific for passive fire protection (PFP), are a typical example of panic doors. These doors need to be hung the correct way, according to the way of escape. That means people must have the possibility to exit from the risk area and to reach the outside or a safer area of the building. To have more information about panic door assembly, don't hesitate to get in touch with Mea&Ser Montaggi.

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