Aluminium articles assembly: front doors, frames, windows, sliding walls…

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As its name suggests, Mea&Ser Montaggi is a company specialized in the professional assembly of aluminium elements, such as:

  • windows;
  • doors and front doors;
  • sliding walls, ideal for office fittings; 
  • sliding shutters;
  • rolling shutters;
  • ribbon windows.


Assembly can be requested in many different customer categories, such as aluminium articles manufacturing factories, door-frame and window-frame dealers, property owners, store managers, shop or hotel managers, private citizens.


Mea&Ser Montaggi works worldwide, travelling to suit specific customer requirements. For this reason, as already mentioned, the company can reveal itself as an intermediary for furniture or fitting  manufacturers or dealers. These elements can be made in aluminium or in other materials and designed to suit specific requirements.


To obtain further details about aluminium assembly and, more generally, about Mea&Ser Montaggi’s working methods, visit the page “contact us” of this website or call the company agents.


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Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the company, to request free estimates and professional advice on assembly of steel, glass and aluminium structures, as well as on elements for the set up and fittings for industries, shops, hotels, conference halls and show rooms.

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FAX. 0689762437

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